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Largest Cave Fish Found in Meghalaya

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In Meghalaya’s Um Ladaw Cave, around 300 feet below the surface biologist Daniel Harries came across a cave fish nearly a foot and half in length and weighing about 10 times more than any known species of the subterranean fish. This was during his expedition in 2019.

Subterranean fish is a term used for fishes adapted to life in caves and other underground habitats. These fishes are in constant darkness and have less quantity of food. The adaptations are loss of the eyes, enhanced senses for vibration, sensing obstacles and detecting chemicals. Due to the limited food availability usually these species are small in size.

The new found fish has created a mystery about their size and diet. Scientists speculate that new fish likely feeds on vegetation washed underground by rain. Researchers think that a new species is in the process of evolving. The fish was described recently in the journal Cave and Karst Science.

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