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Largest Whale Carcass

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The carcass of an enormous finback whale washed up by the harbour of Italy’s Sorrento, one of the popular tourist destinations. The body of the dead mammal was retrieved from the waters by the coastguard scuba. The body discovered after a young calf swam into the Sorrento harbor in a state of distress. The calf reportedly rammed its head into the harbor walls several times before retreating back underwater; when divers followed it, they discovered the fin whale’s corpse. The corpse was towed to nearby port at Naples. The calf is presumed to be the dead whale’s offspring, and the Coast Guard is monitoring for signs of the young whale’s return.

The whale measured about 65 feet (20 meters) long and likely weighed more than 77 tons (70 metric tons). This makes the corpse “one of the largest” ever found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Italian Coast Guard released the images of the gigantic carcass on its official Twitter.  Scientists are now studying the whale’s specimen nearby the port of Napoli. According to Italian media reports, the activity of towing the cetacean was conducted by the country’s coast guards in coordination with the Italian Maritime Directorate of Naples.

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