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Lost and Found Ship

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The Endurance, vessel of Antarctic Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, was found at the bottom of the Weddell Sea.  It is found after 107 years. The ship was crushed by sea-ice and sank in 1915, forcing Shackleton and his men to make an astonishing escape on foot and in small boats.

The video shows that it is still looks just like it did on the November day it went down. It has been under 3km (10,000ft) of water for over a century.

Marine archaeologist Mensun Bound said that it is the finest wooden shipwreck he has seen so far. It is upright, well proud of the seabed, intact, and in a brilliant state of preservation.

The project was mounted by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust (FMHT), using a South African icebreaker, Agulhas II, and equipped with remotely operated submersibles.

The search is termed as the world’s most difficult shipwreck search by the team leader veteran polar geographer Dr John Shears. The search was constantly interrupted by shifting sea-ice, blizzards, and temperatures dropping down to -18C.

The ship’s masts are down, the rigging is in a tangle, but the hull is broadly coherent. Some damage is evident at the bow, presumably where the descending ship hit the seabed.

The wreck has abundance of life but not of the type to consume it. There is little wood deterioration which shows that wood-eating animals rea not in the forest-free Antarctic region. The wreck looks like a ghost ship with a diversity of sea life in it.

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