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The Study Of Meteorology And Career Prospects

The Study Of Meteorology And Career Prospects

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Meteorology is the study of atmosphere .Ideally, in order to become a meteorologist you need to have an undergraduate degree in fields related to that of atmospheric phenomena (like that of atmospheric science).Those who have Degree in physics, geoscience or chemistry can also apply . In some places, people with a degree in mathematics or computer programming are eligible to apply for some meteorology-related positions. 

There are quite a number of job opportunities in this field that are with respect to research-oriented positions. To be eligible for those, one needs to have a PhD in this field.

• Type Of Jobs in Meteorology

There are a number of weather stations across the country, all of which require trained meteorologists for their day-to-day functioning. Once in a while, they might have to do outdoor work as well. Other than this, there are government jobs wherein researchers have higher scope of jobs. Such as  collect data, infer that and then broadcast meteorological data either from the field or an indoor station. In private sector  meteorologists can find  jobs in television stations, airlines and in consulting firms.

• Forensic Meteorologists

It is a well-established fact that weather can play a role in an accident, fire or any other form of natural mishap. The job role of a forensic meteorologist is to investigate the accident.And give  information of the weather at specific points of time in the recent past. By having knowledge of this, it is easier to arrive at a logical conclusion for some criminal situations. That is why forensic meteorologists are capable of testifying in front of the law.

• Climatologists

The task of Climatologists  is to understand long-term weather patterns by studying the history of the climate. Study of things like global warming and greenhouse effect are under the jurisdiction of such people. Climatologists are the people who are most likely to land with jobs as teachers and professors in colleges and universities.

• Atmospheric Researchers

These people study how the earth’s waters are directly linked to that of the atmosphere .  Thus, atmospheric researchers are often seen working with hydrologists, oceanographers, environmental scientists and physicists in order to interpret data.

• Weather Forecasters

All of us have seen a weather forecaster telling the weather on TV at some point or the other. Their job roles include using sophisticated computer models and collecting data from around the globe. These datas are used to predict weather conditions are predicted according this .

•Meteorology job demand

As of now professionals in this field are quiet low when compared to other fields. As per experts, the industry will be growing at an expected rate of 10% and by 2022 there will be an additional 1,100 jobs in this industry.Moreover most of these jobs have high salary also .

• Work Schedule It is important to note that the weather is something that keeps on changing round the clock for the entire year. Thus, there is a need to monitor the same. That is why most entry-level jobs in this field find people working in shifts.Admittedly these people often have to work on weekends and holidays as well.Besides for senior-level jobs, the schedule is more regular. Accordingly  they seen to work typical nine-hour shifts. Meteorological researchers often find themselves working long and extended shifts when the project so demands.

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