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NanoMslide To Detect Illness

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Microscopic Nanotech Color Slides known as NanoMslide can help us spot disease better. These Nanotech color slides can bring cancer cells out in distinct colors, enabling experts to spot signs of the disease much more easily.

The new technology is based on the physics of plasmons, oscillations in charged particles, such as electrons. Thin layers of silver provide whole fields of free-roaming electrons, which, when stimulated by light, line up in a specific fashion. Poking tiny, nanosized pores into the silver manipulates the light’s structure, so as it passes up through tissue, certain colors will be selected, producing a spectrum that depends on subtle differences in the sample’s structure and its own electron configurations.

Thus the microscope slide becomes a sensor, revealing the composition of the cells placed on it through a color-coded light show. This method enables disease diagnosis earlier and quicker. Also it reduces the risk damaging samples during the application of stains.

“For the first time I saw cancer cells just popping up at me. They were a different color from the surrounding tissue, and it was very easy to distinguish them from surrounding cells.” said biochemist Belinda Parker from La Trobe University in Australia. Parker and her colleagues describe the difference as going from black and white television to color.

These nanotech slides require much less preparation time than existing techniques, and results can be obtained in as little as 10 minutes. In time-critical situations. For example, deciding which parts of a tumor to remove during surgery which is hugely beneficial.

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