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NASA to build a nuclear spacecraft

Nuclear spacecraft

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NASA to build a nuclear spacecraft

In order to protect the earth from a potential asteroids impact, NASA has drawn up plans to build a huge nuclear spacecraft that is capable of shunting. Also, blowing up dangerous space rocks.  The spacecraft named Hammer is an eight tonne spaceship which could deflect a giant space rock, if it happens to hit Earth. Moreover the 1600 foot wide asteroid Bennu is circling the sun at 63000 mph. Also it is now at a comfortable 54 million miles from earth.

The asteroids could be immensely useful in mineral exploration. According to NASA estimate, the amount of mineral wealth resident in the asteroid belt would b equivalent to US$100 billion dollar per person on earth. In fact, planetary Resources plans to launch a first mission towards an asteroid by 2020.

However, the technology information, Forecasting and Assessment Council said that Moon is already being seen as a mineral wealth and further one can go up to the asteroids. They can also start exploiting this. Also, game changer and if India doesn’t do this, we will lag behind.

The maiden road map of TIFAC’s Technology vision 2035 launched. Also, the commercialisation of space already underway, projects like SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic are already on. Besides there are concern that the race to privatise space resources could violate UN’s outer space treaty. And in which bans countries from appropriating astronomical bodies. Finally, but the US passed it’s own laws in 2015 allowing US companies to own and sell extra terrestrial resources.

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