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Powerful Flare From Sun

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On 31st March an active sunspot region on the Sun, AR2975 erupted most powerful class of flare of which our Sun is capable. This is  an X-class clocking in at X1.3. The last recored number of flares were 36, a smaller B-class flare, 29 middling C-class flares, 9 more powerful M-class flares, and one X-class monster.

Each class of flare is 10 time more powerful than the previous class. Also it has multiple grades within the class.

The most powerful flare ever on record to bash Earth was an X28 flare that occurred in November 2003.

Shenanigans occur when solar flares and their associated coronal mass ejections (CMEs), propagate in the general direction of Earth.In this a huge belt of  solar particles launched into interplanetary space. When these  particles collide with Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, geomagnetic storms are triggered.

Though most of the time it goes unnoticed thay can cause radio and navigation blackouts, power grid fluctuations, and spectacular aurorae lighting up the polar skies as particles.

The flare of AR2975 took place at a region that is currently rotating away from Earth, and any solar particles launched into space may deliver just a glancing blow.

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