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Preparing for Competitive Exams – Tips and Tricks

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Hard work and dedication is the success mantra for all competitive exams. Here are a few tips to come out victorious.

Syllabus and Pattern: Be familiar with the exam syllabus and pattern. For this check the latest syllabus. Refer previous question papers to understand the pattern and important topics. Now break the syllabus into sub sections for the ease of preparing a study plan

Study plan: Prepare a study plan and stick to it . It can be daily weekly or a monthly plan. Ensure that all topics are covered in the study plan. Include time for mock test, sleep and short breaks. Dedicate a minimum of 10 hours for studies.

Preparation: Exam pattern varies for different exams. Objective type exam requires only clear understanding of the concepts and speed to complete the questions in the said time. For descriptive exams the presentation must be catchy, grammar and spellings must be accurate, neutral tone and conclusions must be appropriate.Prepare a quick reference note while studying.

Mock test and Revision: In addition to your hard work and preparation you also need to revise and practise mock tests and previous question papers. This will help you identify the weak areas and strengthen it. Your quick reference notes come in handy during the revision.

Last few days

The last few days before the exam is very important. Do not attempt to study new topics during this time. Revise and improve your skills in answering the questions. Analyse your answers of the practice tests done so that you do not make the same mistake again. Most importantly have your rest and eat well before the exam. You need to stay healthy to attend the exam.

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