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PSC Exam preparation

Tips to achieve in PSC Exam

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PSC Exam preparation

PSC Exam preparation is not always easy for everyone. It’s often one everyone asking, how to answer a large number of questions within limited time interval? Okay, This is quiet common from candidates of exams. So if today you get less than one minute to answer a question. Certainly, it means you need to answer all the hundred questions within one hour and fifteen minutes time.

Moreover ,as per experience , for PSC Exam preparation only the selected candidates who answer more than 90 questions will get a call for the concerned interview. Now, do you follow the syllabus level of Kerala PSC exams? Yes? Then, feel free to follow this habit. Exam questions can come from any corner of subject. Since it is advised not to leave any chapter or subject in prescribed syllabus. Moreover,as the competition is high  it is very difficult to get a higher designation.  Here are the tips to crack PSC.

There are many people available online to help you in preparing exams. Also, always reconsider the answer once more to avoid negative marking. So, as all entrance exams, each right answer will gain one mark and each negative answer will reduce 1/3 of mark from total. Remember to avoid junky foods during exam days .

There is a say omit oily foods. Why?  The question is quite common from people. However,  reason for this query is as follows. During over consumption of oily food items, our brain will focus more on digestion process than thinking. Therefore, it is advised to avoid the use of oily food items in diet. If you like eating vegetables, the go for it during exam days.

The next thing is, presence of green leaves and carrots in food sources can improve the focus of brain in exam questions. Also, habits like smoking and drinking alcohol can retard your focus on thinking ability. So never hesitate to reduce this habit as per the need.

Also,  you can see many candidates preparing for exams by leaving their sleep. However, this habit should not be promoted. And to get an effective result, it is asked to have good and sound sleep during exam day. Because it  improve your memory focus better. Therefore go to bed early during exam days. Moreover to reduce stress, you can make use of food items like green tea in daily diet.

Finally, a proper sleep can reduce a wide range of health issues like insomnia troubles, anxiety and stress. So feel free to have a good night sleep during exam day. Also proper planning of studies holds a great role in promoting your rank to a better place. And to get satisfactory result, it is recommended to prepare self-timetable as per the schedule available.

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