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  1. The Confessions is an autobiographical book by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  2. Keratoplasty is a surgery for eye where corneal transplant happens.
  3. An Unfinished Dream is the book written by Verghese Kurien known as  ‘Father of the White Revolution’ in India
  4. The Insider by P.V. Narasimha Rao is an account of the political scenario of India during the time he was the Prime Minister
  5. ophthalmoscope (or funduscope) allows to see inside the fundus of the eye.
  6. Yelena Gadzhievna Isinbayeva is a Russian former pole vaulter. She is a two-time Olympic gold medalist.
  7. PPLO is a short version for the Pleuropneumonia belong to the mycoplasm group
  8. Plague is an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Yersinia pestis.
  9. Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Plant (VISL), an unit of Steel Authority of India Limited,was started as the Mysore Iron Works on 18 January 1923 by Sir M Visvesvaraya.
  10. Brotherhood is the political party of Egypt.
  11. If I Am Assassinated was written by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
  12. The UN General Assembly adopted the Convention and opened it for signature on 20 November 1989 (the 30th anniversary of its Declaration of the Rights of the Child).
  13. Red blood cells, most white blood cells, and platelets are produced in the bone marrow.
  14. A spleen is soft and generally looks purple. It is made up of two different types of tissue. The red pulp tissue filters the blood and gets rid of old or damaged red blood cells. The white pulp tissue consists of immune cells (T cells and B cells) and helps the immune system fight infection.
  15. Cancer will never affect the heart.

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