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Rainbow Bee

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The rainbow bees are top pollinators of Australia. They originated in tropical regions of Australia. They belong to the genus Homalictus and have a colonized many regions of Australia and the South-West Pacific. These bees have glisten with patches of aqua blue, golden green and orange. These bees carry pollen on fine feathery hair beneath their abdomen and on their hind legs, according to Aussie Bee, a website hosted by a private organization called The Australian Native Bee Research Centre.

An analysis of the bee’s DNA has revealed that it has inherited along the maternal lineage from three different Homalictus species from Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and Australia. The bees had a tropical origin, making it unlikely that they dispersed from Africa or Antarctica as had been suggested for other bee species found in Australia. The findings were published online in the journal Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia.

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