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Robot Dog For Social Distancing

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On a trial basis robot dog is patrolling the parks in Singapore. The robot dog called spot is controlled remotely. It has built-in sensors to stop collision. It is also accompanied by a guide. The trial period is 2 weeks. Singapore’s National Parks Board (NParks) says it won’t collect personal data or use the video to identify individuals. The possibility of deploying the machine full time is being considered.

The machine was made by US-based Boston Dynamics. It is fitted with a camera to monitor how busy Bishan-Ang Moh Kio Park becomes. It also has a loud speaker broadcast social-distancing messages. The number of visitors to the park is also estimated. The robot will help to reduce the patrol staff and lowers the risk of exposure to the virus. Singapore is a country with strict lockdown rules. Breaking it can result in fines and even jail.

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