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Roman Army Camps

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2000-year-old Roman Military camps have been discovered in a mountainous region of northern Spain. The camps reveal the magnitude of Roman activity at the entrance to the Cantabrian Mountains during the last phase of the Roman conquest of Hispania. The team found remnants of the 66 camps, made for training and shelter using remote-sensing technology. They range from small forts of a few thousand square feet to large fortified enclosures of 37 acres (15 hectares) and help.

These remnants explain how the Romans were successful in their 200-year battle to conquer the Iberian Peninsula from the native people. The large number of soldiers housed at these camps meant they could attack local inhabitants from different directions. The strategically placed settlements help soldiers ride out the cold winter months without leaving their posts.

The aim of the conquest was to gain access to natural resources in the area, such as tin and gold. Most of the sites were found close to where the Romans later established important towns.

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