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School Apps On Demand

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With the spread of coronavirus, the remote learning apps for school are on demand. With the record demand it is causing the service to run slowly and periods of being offline.

Firefly, the firm that provides apps to teachers, pupils and parents to help with homework and marking says that they are worst affected. Steps have been taken to mitigate the problem. Their app is used by 500 schools in the UK. It was two-and-a-half times busier than we had ever been. 

Firefly also provides a website to each school where lessons can be planned, educational content shared, and run societies and clubs. They have now more than one million users worldwide and the numbers are climbing. The platform runs on Amazon Web Services. It has increased its access to the US firm’s resources by 13 times, which had helped increase its performance and stability. However, the firm acknowledged that staff and students at “a small number of schools” were still facing a degraded experience.

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