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Scorpions In Egypt

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Deadly scorpions flood the Egyptian villages after storm. These have left three people dead and more than 500 others hospitalized from scorpion stings in the governorate of Aswan, in southern Egypt.

Several days of hail, rainfall and flooding in the region displaced scorpions from their burrows and swept them into close contact with people, according to the Egypt-based news organization Mada. The storms also destroyed buildings, washed out roads, uprooted trees and cut off electricity in parts of Aswan, according to Mada.

Extra doses of the anti-venom were provided to medical centres in villages near mountains and deserts in Aswan after the scorpion swarm was reported. However, Aswan Gov. Major-General Ashraf Attiya and the acting health minister denied that those deaths were caused by scorpion stings.

People who were stung by the scorpions said their symptoms included severe pain, fever, sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle tremors and head twitching.

An estimated 31 species of scorpions live in Egypt, scientists reported in 2017. These include fat-tailed scorpions in the genus Androctonus, thought to be the deadliest scorpions on Earth, and so-called deathstalker scorpions. Approximately 5,000 people worldwide die annually after being stung by a scorpion, according to a 2009 report in the journal Clinical Neurotoxicology. While the idea of a scorpion flood may sound like a biblical plague, the extreme weather events in Aswan that unleashed the scorpions have a modern explanation: climate change.

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