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Silent Scream

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The 3000-year-old mummy of an Egyptian woman with her mouth open in a silent scream may have died of heart attack. The CT scan of the mummy found widespread atherosclerosis, deposits of fatty plaques within the blood vessels. The mummy was first uncovered during the late 1800s that held the remains of royals to save them from grave robbers. It was embalmed with her head titled back and mouth open as if crying in terror. Experts said that the position suggests the woman was not discovered until hours after, which was long enough to develop death spasms and embalmers preserved the body as it was found. It was also found that the brain had not been removed, which was a common practice among royals.

Some researchers are sceptical of this story. They say that mummification was long process. There is a possibility that the wrappings around the jaw were simply not tight enough to hold the mouth closed.

The mummy had the name “Meritamun” inscribed on her wrappings. There were several princesses in ancient Egypt named Meritamun, including the daughter of the 17th-dynasty ruler of Thebes, Seqenenre Taa II. who ruled around 1558 B.C., and the daughter of the powerful Ramesses II (also known as Ramesses the Great), who became pharaoh in 1279 B.C.

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