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Spark your Career in fashion designing

Career in fashion designing

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Spark your Career in fashion designing

In today’s life, fashion designing is earning more attention like other professions. Do you want to pursue a career in this industry? .  Then you will have to work harder and develop several other skills. Besides getting a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design,  also learn about Visual Arts, General Design and even Graphic Design knowledge. If you want to get excel in this field, you have to know about this.

Moreover, consider a boutique , there is Wizard of Oz. Not getting what it is? Okay, Wizard of Oz ,someone behind the curtain making everything appear as impressive as possible. Also, if I say more, it’s someone deciding to stock ruby slippers . Because they’re the next big thing. Also, the fashion merchandising experts accomplish tasks like these on a regular basis.

However, aspiring fashion designers can look forward to their share of excitement in their chosen field.  However, there are many technical aspects of a fashion design job as well. Also, you can earn a two-year associate’s degree in merchandising. Besides, expand your skills by earning a four-year bachelor’s degree in fashion design. And provide coursework in the merchandising, business and marketing facets of fashion.

So let’s check what all come under fashion designing
  • Art and fashion history
  • Collection and concept development
  • Digital color and design theory
  • Computer aided fashion design
  • Fashion illustration
  • Costume design
  • Draping
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Fashion sketching
  • Management
  • Pattern making
  • Computer Pattern making
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Principles of design
  • Professional practices
  • Sewing and garment construction
  • Studio courses
  • Textiles and fabrics
  • Portfolio

And now, what all things you have to keep in mind?

Start meeting people in the industry as early as possible, preferably while you are still a Fashion Design student. Keep your eyes open for paid or unpaid internships It’s much easier to land a job on a recommendation than trying to convince others you have what it takes.

Fashion may be art, but it’s also a business. Most famous fashion designers admit they needed to develop business skills to succeed. Business and marketing skills are essential in order to promote your work.

Most people can’t do everything. That’s why you’ll have to decide what branch of fashion most speaks to you. Figure out if you prefer men, women or children fashion designing, sportswear design, accessories design or you lean more towards the business side of fashion.

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