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Shark With Meningitis

A Greenland shark that was likely about 100 years old when it died was on an English coast. Pathologists from Cornwall Marine

Mars Is Noisy

New studies have revealed previously undetected earthquakes below the Martian surface. Scientists believe that this could be the

Counting Fish

Fishes can count small numbers says a new study. Researchers are training the animals to use blue and yellow colors as codes for

Powerful Flare From Sun

On 31st March an active sunspot region on the Sun, AR2975 erupted most powerful class of flare of which our Sun is capable. This

Surviving The Asteroid

When the asteroid now known as Chicxulub from outer space slammed into the earth 66 million years ago, the impact was massive. It

Odd Radio Circle

Astronomers have found of a rare and mysterious space object named Odd Radio Circles (ORCs). These are gigantic rings of radio