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Test your English skill

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A quick and simple test to check out your English skill.

1. Find the correctly spelt word

(A) Reannaisance

  (B) Renaissance

(C) Rennaissance

(D) Renaisance

2. Jawaharlal spent his childhood ______ Anand Bhawan.

(A) at

(B) in

(C) on

(D) across

3.The boy was cured _____ typhoid.

(A) from

(B) of

(C) for

(D) through

4. I have resigned myself ______ my fate.

(A) at

(B) with

(C) on

(D) to

5.He passed himself off as a noble man.

(A) Pretended to be

(B) Was looked upon

(C) Was regarded as

(D) Was thought to be

6. Do no trust a man who blows his own trumpet.

(A) flatters

(B) praises others

(C) praises himself

(D) admonishes others

7 Suguganya got —— as an officer in State bank of India.

(A) appoint

(B) appointed

(C) appoints

(D) appointee

9. They listened to him —–

(A) spellbinded

(B) spellbind

(C) spellbinding

(D) spellbound

9. On seeing the police, the thief started ——

(A) run

(B) runs

(C) running

(D) its running

10. Select the proper prefix.


(A) bi

(B) bye

(C) anti

(D) over


1.B 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.D 9.C 10.A

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