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Tips for MBA Career

Career Tips

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Tips for MBA Career

The start of the business school semester is an ideal time to think about your post-MBA career . But how do you choose the right job opportunity? MBA students spend months if not years working to get into an MBA program. However, once they are in a program, the everyday demands take over. But students have little time to think about how to get the most out of their program.  T o better understand how to hit the ground running and to make sure you maximize success in your MBA program, we turned to recent and current students of top-tier MBA programs for advice.

Career Tips

Tips for MBA Career

1.Network with a plan
Networking is a very broad concept, and it often leads to being delusional.
You can talk to 100 people and not get anything out of it, or you can talk to five people and land a great job or a mentor.
You have to think about which industry you want to work in and target those professionals and mentors who are directly involved in those functional areas.

2. Do your research
Please do your homework before you leave your place for the meeting. Do a brief research on the industry, the company where the person works, and what are the points you want to touch on. Do not go with a blank face—it’s insulting to the other person, and is definitely a waste of his/her time.

3.The power of the internship

An internship, which typically lasts between six and 10 weeks, is a great opportunity for employers to see students’ ability and skills, and also for MBAs to get comfortable with their potential future employer. “The internship leads to greater satisfaction and productivity, as the hired interns are a better fit with the company.”
4. Network to know your net-worth                                     (Tips for MBA Career)

Sometimes, talking with a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional, can actually tell you your worth.
While talking to the person, make mental notes of the things he/she says.
What are the things you already know? What are the things you don’t?
Don’t be afraid to ask for explanations for the things you don’t know, that is a great habit to exercise. Ask questions.
Sometimes talking can also shape your perspective towards something, or clear some blurry images in your mind.
5. Follow-up                                                               ( Tips for MBA Career)

It is very important to follow-up with the person you networked with, within 24 hours. If you have any questions, or if he/she talked about connecting you with someone else, then this email can be a gentle reminder as well.

Do not forget to thank them for their time. Don’t be scared to email them sometimes just to stay in touch, or else you will be soon forgotten. But don’t overdo it!
6.Be Yourself
You will be thrown into in an environment with all new people and many exciting opportunities.
You may quickly find yourself doing things that don’t actually interest you or support your goals.
It’s important to try some new things while in business school, but always make sure you are still being authentic to yourself.

(Tips for MBA Career)

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