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Triplets At Sariska

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The Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) of Rajasthan has a new set of triplets. The six-year-old tigress called ST-12 has given birth to triplets once again. This makes her mother of six cubs. It was in 2018 the tigress gave birth to her first set of triplets and it was history in the record of STR. ST-12 mated with ST-13. The total number of tigers in Sariska is now 20. The mother and new-borns were captured in trap camera that was recently installed near the water body in Taalvraksh range of STR.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot shared the image on twitter and tweeted “Amid Corona concern, tigress ST-12 gives good news. Three new cubs have been camera trapped in Sariska Tiger Reserve. Now there are 20 tigers in Year 2020 in #Sariska. My wish is to see the wildlife thrive in the state.”

This is second birth this year. On 30 March ST-10 was spotted with its first new-born. Of the 20 tigers in STR eight are females, three males, five sub-adults and four cubs.

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