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Warm, Humid Climate Slows COVID-19 Transmission

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US scientists say that warm and humid climate slows down the transmission of COVID-19. Asian countries experiencing monsoon may experience lesser transmission. The findings say that until March 22, 2020 90 per cent of the novel coronavirus transmission occurred in regions with temperature between 3 and 17 degrees Celsius. Transmission in countries greater than 18 degree Celsius and absolute humidity more than 9 g/m3 is less than 6 per cent. Though drastic quarantine measures are not introduced the overall growth rate is lower in many parts of Asia, Middle eastern, and South American countries.

The study suggests that pandemic could ease in parts of North America and Europe during the summer months and could come back in the fall. The scientists have also cautioned on the several unknowns in the data used for conclusion.

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