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Why Humanity Over Vanity ?

Why Humanity Over Vanity ?


Why Humanity Over Vanity ?

Who is to decide how much is necessary? You decide, but try to choose Humanity Over Vanity. The ants, bees, birds and most creatures on the planet may not agree with your decision, but as they have to live, you too have to live. However , as we humans must understand that they also have to live! If we forget this, we will go berserk and do things which will ultimately destroy us,not them.

Also, if all the insects on the planet disappear  in just few years, all life on the planet will be wiped out too! Moreover if all the microbial creatures disappear, you will die right now, because more than half of your body is bacteria.

Moreover, if you understand this, you will know that the bacteria, the insects, the animals, the trees and the plant should remain healthy. So work towards this, either because of humanity or atleast out of your intelligence. Else, we will not exist! For if you don’t have an overflowing sense of humanity , or the intelligence to see far enough, you will surely head towards disaster.

So let me ask you, What is humane?

The term “humane” encompasses the best qualities of mankind. Examples of these qualities cited in Webster’s Dictionary include kindness, tenderness and being considerate. Empathy and compassion could readily added to list of examples.

Whereas animals cannot act in a humane fashion, human beings can show tenderness, compassion and other humane qualities to other human and animal beings.

Behavior that is inhumane is lacking in compassion for the suffering of humans and animals. Synonyms of the term “inhumane” cited in Webster’s Dictionary include unkindness and cruelty. In context of this discussion, a veterinary staff member  deliberately chooses to disregard available.  And means to reduce injury or illness of an animal under his care could be thought of as inhumane.

All the things that are not at anybody’s cost ,must be scaled up to full size.  Also, material things always at somebody else’s cost.  So, let us keep it only to the extent necessary, must be left to one’s decision. Nevertheless, just be sane enough to see that these decisions come about due to your compassion.  And not because of your fancy or vanity.

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