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“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.” Rumi

The quote is apt for wordless books. Wordless books are a riot of colours and illustrations. It gives the child an opportunity to observe all the amazing details the illustrator has included. The colourful pages will help to develop a love for books.

Ammachi’s Glasses by Priya Kuriyan

Ammachi (a Malayali grandmother) can’t find her glasses one morning and everything goes topsy-turvy! Page after page spills with drama, humour, detail and local flavour. Ammachi hangs out the cat to dry, cooks her footwear and does other memorable things in this book.

Journey by Aaron Becker

Depicts the story of a lonely girl who draws a magic door on her bedroom wall. She escapes into a world where wonder, adventure, and danger abound. The story launches an ordinary child on an extraordinary journey toward her greatest and most exciting adventure of all

The Umbrella by Ingrid Schubert and Dieter Schubert

The book illustrated by Ingrid Schubert and Dieter Schubert focuses on the journey of a dog through the sea, land, desert and space. On a windy day a little dog finds an discarded umbrella in the garden. The umbrella transports the dog on an aerial trip that helps him explore the world.

The Only Child by Guojing

A little girl—lost and alone—follows a mysterious stag deep into the woods, and, like Alice down the rabbit hole, she finds herself in a strange and wondrous world. But… home and family are very far away. The book captures the rich and deeply-felt emotional life of a child, filled with loneliness and longing as well as love and joy.

Where’s Walrus? by Stephen Savage A walrus escapes from the zoo and then spends the afternoon hiding from his zookeeper, disguising himself as everything from a painter to a fireman. This is a Walrus’ delightful adventure in the big city.

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