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World Radio Day Quiz

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13 February 2020 is World Radio Day. Career Core brings to you a quiz on radio.

  1. Which is the oldest radio station in Asia and when was it started?
  2. Which was the most powerful commercial radio station ever?
  3. Weather reports in radios where censored when and why?
  4. When was All India Radio established?
  5. Who invented radio?
  6. Which the grandfather of commercial radio?
  7. Which radio station is considered to have the most amazing collection of music?
  8. The FM band was invented by?
  9. What was the topic of discussion in the first commercial radio?
  10. When did radio start in India?

Send your answers to careercorequiz@gmail.com with your name and school/college name before 14 February 2020.


  1. Radio Ceylon, 1923
  2. WLW, Ohio
  3. During World War II to prevent enemy submarines from learning about conditions.
  4. 1936
  5. Guglielmo Marconi
  6. KDKA in Pittsburgh
  7. Radio GTMO, the Armed Forces radio station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  8. Edwin Howard Armstrong
  9. 1920
  10. July 1923 by the Radio Club of Mumbai
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