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WW2 Survivor Alligator Died in Moscow Zoo

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Saturn, the alligator who survived the world war 2 bombing has died in Moscow Zoo aged 84. Saturn was gifted to Berlin Zoo in 1936 soon after he was born in the US. He escaped the bombing in 1943 during the peak of world war 2. After three years he was found by British soldiers and returned to the Soviet Union. Saturn was considered t be lucky to escape the bombing as large number of animals present in the zoo perished due to bombing. Since July 1946, the alligator had been a star showman at the Moscow Zoo. The zoo authority tweeted “Moscow Zoo has had the honour of keeping Saturn for 74 years, he saw many of us when we were children. We hope that we did not disappoint him.”

The alligator was rumoured to be part of Adolf Hitler’s personal collection. This was dismissed by the Moscow zoo officials. It was said that he knew his keepers, loved being massaged with a brush. He was also able to crack steel feeding tongs and bits of concrete with his teeth if irritated.

It is reported that Saturn will be stuffed and exhibited in Moscow’s popular museum of biology named after Charles Darwin.

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